How to grow gold in WOW TBC Classic

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How to grow gold in WOW TBC Classic

Compared with World of Warcraft Classic, WOW Classic TBC has many changes, one of which is that this expansion will change the professional balance of gold coin farming. If you want to know the best career for farming gold coins in this game, then this guide can help you.

In TBC Classic, mages are no longer the most suitable class for gold seeding, because the AOE limit is 10, which means that mages cannot pull entire creatures into the dungeon and kill them while flying a kite in the WOW TBC Gold game. In short, if you are playing the mage class and use AOE skills to kill more than 10 mobs, only 10 mobs will be damaged!

To get gold in the dungeon, Paladin is the best class for you! Compared with the mage profession, the paladin has no mob limit. In this case, you can kill the entire creature in the dungeon, and all creatures will be harmed. In addition, TBC Prot Paladin is the strongest hero dungeon tank and sub-tank in the game. They are good at gaining hatred through dedication, obtaining AOE taunts, a shield of vengeance, and mana recovered from healing.

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Druids are one of the better single-player occupations in the game, which makes single-player farming a good way to make gold. The Druid of Balance will be the best candidate to compete for the mob label in densely populated areas such as the Elemental Plateau. In WOW TBC Classic, the druid has the ability to be permanently invisible. This means that you can avoid most dungeons with permanent invisibility abilities and get some elite packs through these dungeons. You can Buy WOW TBC Gold by selling these elite packs at auction houses.

The game provides players with a variety of ways to earn coins, such as careers, auction houses, dungeons, raids, etc. Although players can obtain some TBC Classic Gold through these methods, this process takes a lot of time. If players want to get WOW TBC Gold more easily, then going to MMOWTS to buy cheap TBC Classic Gold would be a very correct choice.