NBA 2K22 is working on restoring access to the broadcast camera

There have been times in the past when 2K's gameplay was in a good place, but online complaints have apparently influenced the development team to make changes


There have been times in the past when 2K's gameplay was in a good place, but online complaints have apparently influenced the development team to make changes. This does not appear to be the case this year, at least not at this time. As positive feedback for the game continues to pour in, Wang responded to a fan on Twitter, assuring him that the game's gameplay would not be changing for the "foreseeable future."This is fantastic news, and 2K22 MT Xbox One appears to be on track to build on what has been a strong year for sports video games in general.


Generally speaking, the early returns on NBA 2K22 have been very positive. The gameplay and functionality of the majority of the features appear to be popular among fans. However, it is 2021, and people and games are different, so there will almost always be a problem when the game is first released. Fortunately, this list isn't nearly as long as it has been in the past, and it appears that 2K is hard at work trying to fix a few issues that have arisen. In any case, there are a few workarounds for some of the more common issues that can be achieved through the use of a variety of different modes.

In order to complete this quest, players have attempted it in a variety of ways. Some have stated that they went to the mall and purchased every piece of clothing they could find, but that they were still unable to complete the task. Others have attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game from the beginning, but this has also proven unsuccessful. And it isn't difficult to understand why there has been so much confusion, given that the game is extremely vague about what you are supposed to do here.


The likelihood that you are a MyNBA fan means that you watch your team's games with a broadcast camera. For a long time, it was the default camera, and if you've been playing sports video games for more than a decade, you've probably grown up with that perspective. Unfortunately, MT 2K22 is currently experiencing some difficulties in allowing users to use the broadcast cam in MyNBA, which is unfortunate. Fortunately, the creative minds of the 2K community have already devised a workaround. It has been reported that 2K is working on restoring access to the broadcast camera, but in the meantime, here is a workaround provided by member of the NBA 2K mod community, TGsoGood. It is encouraging to see that the camera is still operational. The fact that the camera can be located by utilizing the player-lock trick should provide users with confidence that 2K will simply restore access to the camera to its conventional state.

Is it true that NBA 2K22 dislikes anklebreakers? I'm making light of the situation. Something about the animation or the action that causes them to be triggered was causing the game to become unresponsive. Some users were experiencing crashes as a result of the problem. Mike "Beluba" Wang addressed the issue on Twitter, assuring fans that the problem should be resolved following the deployment of a patch on Saturday morning.

This year, it appears that 2K support and the development team are getting along well. Issues have been resolved quickly, and there has been excellent communication throughout the process. During the last five to seven years, the publisher has begun to slack in this area. In this area, we saw some progress made last year, but the game itself had some flaws, both in terms of functionality and overall enjoyment. Is it possible that the stars are aligning for everyone this year? It appears to be the case.