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Smith, who ended with that eye-opening stat line despite not playing at the next half of Alabama's blowout win after dislocating his finger, will probably return in the national spotlight on Thursday night at the Mut 21 coins Draft in Cleveland, where he's almost certain to be selected with an early first-round pick.

That being the situation, that the 22-year-old, that weighed in at 166 pounds in the NFL's medical checkup in Indianapolis earlier this month, has signed on as the brand new athlete ambassador for thriving technology wellness company Therabody, whose products we have written about extensively.

As part of the practice he's doing with prior wideout Yo Murphy before this draft, Smith has been placing retrieval to keep his body ready for playing football on a daily basis and to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue.

"I've been coaching this past year and putting a great deal of work into grow my game and keep getting better," Smith tells InsideHook. "I have been using Theragun because I had been introduced to it by the trainers at Alabama. It has become part of my everyday routine before and after workouts and Cheap Madden 21 coins games to warm up and recover and on rest days to allow me to unwind"